Internet Banking
Internet Banking


NIB International Bank S.C

Internet Banking
Security Procedures

1. Data

All communication between your app and our services will be encrypted.

2. Automatic logout

If you inadvertently left the application open, you will be automatically logged out after 90 seconds of screen inactivity.

3. Credentials

Use passwords/PINs that are tough to guess.
Make sure that you never disclose your credentials to anyone else.
If you want to save usernames and passwords on your phone, it’s better to do it in an encrypted app that requires a password or fingerprint for authentication.

4. Application

Install apps only from trusted and secure sources. For IPhone or Android users, only install apps from the App Store or Google Play Store respectively.
Application can’t be installed on rooted or jail broken devices.

*Please report incidents directly to the bank and act upon the instructions of the bank.