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NIB E-Birr Digital Wallet

  • NIB E-Birr is a brand for the digital wallet Financial services provided by the e-birr MFS and the Nib International Bank S.C
  • NIB E-Birr Digital wallet enables the customer to make transaction either wallet or Bank account 24/7 without being limited by time and geographic location through various channels such as USSD, Application and Web portal, all with the same username.


What are the services of NIB E-Birr Digital Wallet?

  • Self and Agent’s registration
  • Merchant payment
  • Agency banking service
  • Bill payment Like Water, DSTV etc.
  • Air time top up
  • School Payment
  • Other bank transfer and
  • others


What is Agent and Agency Banking?

“Agency banking” service means the service provided by the bank to its customers through the bank’s appointed agents.

How can register as an agent?

Full fill Agent due diligence criteria based on FIS-02-2020 NBE Directive, and by visiting the nearest Nib bank branch.

What channels does the agent use to provide services?

1. USSD (*635#)
2. Application (Available both on App store and Play store)
3. Web Site (

What can External agents do with NIB E-Birr?

The following services can be provided to Wallet customer by using NIB E-Birr channels.
• Create Wallet Customer
• Cash in and cash out service
• Local Money Transfer
• Generation of electronic balance inquires and mini bank statement
• Bill payment, salary payment and difference social benefit payments.


Mobile money is a technology that allows people to receive, store and spend money using a mobile phone. Mobile money is an electronic wallet service. The safe and easy electronic payments make Mobile money a popular alternative to bank accounts. It’s easy to use, secure and can use anywhere there is a mobile phone signal.

Customers for NIB E-Birr can register through self-registration and fully-fledged registration.

For self-registration, Dial *617# and follow the instructions, or by downloading the application from the Google store/app store and register.

The customers of NIB E-Birr now can enjoy digital wallet services like:

  • Deposit, Withdraw, send and receive money without any service charge.
  • Recharge mobile air time; send gifts to family and friends.
  • Pay local and international tickets from the Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Can pay for goods in various shops.
  • Pay all types of school fees for Bashewam, Abem school, Abinet academy, and other schools who have agreement with us.


Customers can dial the call center at (9698) or visit a nearby Nib International Bank branch and request for the PIN or password reset. After doing so, the customer will receive a new PIN or password through his or her mobile phone.

By visiting the Nib International Bank branch or agent offices while holding the transfer ID.

Customers can visit nearby Nib International Bank branches and link their bank account to their wallet account by fulfilling the necessary requirements.

No, just register for the service and start using it by filling out the amount electronically when you have a payment.

Dial *635# you will get two options first select number 2(get the activation code).
After receiving the code again Dial *635# and use the number 1 option, give the activation code, and enter a new pin.

Admin Branch dealer pay commission to their external agent according to their performance and the Proposed Commission Payment to NIB E-Birr Agents.

Yes, if the person use two different telephone numbers.

Agents shall be branded, and given a particular Agent ID by the Bank. You can also confirm by calling the help desk number (9698).

You can use 2 ways to make an airline payment:

  • Customers by holding the massage they have received (PNR number/order number) can visit the Nib International bank branch or NIB E-Birr agent.
  • If you are not a NIB E-Birr customer, you can easily become a customer of NIB E-Birr by dialing *617#, and then you can make airline ticket payments by choosing the bill payment category.

Shadow balance occur when the NIB E-Birr system is integrated with other Systems like the NIB E-Birr system with our core banking system, the NIB E-Birr system with ET Switch System, and with Yimulu for Top during system failure.

During this time the customer may have balance but the system responds as they have no sufficient balance when this occurs we can say the balance is shadow /frozen. It will be released after 30 minutes or by Visiting nearby branches by asking for the release.

Check and use the correct:-

  • User ID
  • Activation code
  • Create own Six digit PIN Code

When a customer uses an invalid user, Activation code, and PIN the system displays such type of error (incorrect credential)

  • Invalid user Id means when the customer enters the wrong user ID Example: Ib9, ip9
  • Invalid activation code means when customer enters missed activation code or expired activation code.
  • Invalid PIN means first PIN should be six digit and only number so customer enter more than or less than six digit it is not correct.

When the phone device change or is lost, the customer must download the app and go to the nearest branch to get an activation code because our NIB M-banking app or 2FA needs an activation code.

One branch has access to create mobile and internet banking for other branch customers. However, once the user ID is created, amendments can only be made in the user ID-created branch.

When the customers enter incorrect pin/password it says invalid credential. If you forget you pin/password you can Visit Nib International bank branches and reset your pin. When this occurs you can also contact the call center 9698.

Customers can check their balances by dialing to *617#, or by their application then enter PIN and choosing “show Balance” from the menu.

NIB E-Birr is providing services in four languages. Amharic, Afaan Oromo, English, and Somali. To change languages, customers can dial *617#, enter a PIN, select "Account Management" from the menu, then choose number 2 and select the language. For their app, they can change the language on the login page.

You can use the "report mobile loss" service using other people's or friends’ telephones. Then Dial *617#, enter pin and choose 7 from the menu and choose report lost or Visit nearby branches to report "Mobile Lost".

Mobile money services store a record of every transaction and account balance, so even if the phone or SIM card is lost or stolen, the user’s money is kept safe.

NIB E-Birr is no transaction fee services where customer does not pay any amount for the services we are providing.

It is interest-free and the deposit interest is found in bank accounts.

In order to be an agent, NIB E-Birr just requires certain KYC documents. This document includes an updated trade license with a tin number, authentication of proper KYC, and finally a photo of the agent. In addition, it needs a permanent location to act as an agent for the bank.

Dial *635#, and it gives you two options. First, select number 2 (get the activation code). After receiving the code again, dial *635# and use the number 1 option, give the activation code, and enter a new PIN and admin PIN.

  • *617# for customers.
  • *635# for partners (Agent, Merchant and Reseller) use

USSD: - *635#

    1. Web Portal: -
    2. “E-Birr Agent” Application: - Agents can download the app from the play store or app store on their own cellphone and enter the registered number and portal password.
    • Register new digital wallet customer
    • Cash in and cash out service
    • Local Money Transfers
    • School Fee payment
    • Airline ticket payment and
    • Other related

Unverified customer means the customer who is registered only by themselves or by branches and whose status is not changed by the distributor. To change this status, the customer needs to visit nearby branches and fulfill the documents required for KYC.

Register for NIB E-Birr by dialing *617# or Using the Application and Make sure the subscription number matches the phone number they used to register for FERES to pay the commission

  • Make a deposit to their wallet either by branch agent or by an external agent
  • Log in to their FERES Driver Application
  • Click Add E birr Wallet
  • Select the Payment method
  • Choose NIB E-Birr
  • Enter amount
  • Enter NIB E-Birr PIN
  • Submit

OTP code means one time password or one time activation code.

By using the NIB E-Birr platform, you can transfer funds to other banks and within the bank. By linking your wallet account with your Nib International bank account, you can access your bank account with the NIB E-Birr system (wallet to the bank, bank to the wallet, account to account, bank balance query, E-Birr to other banks).

When a consumer enters the incorrect PIN more than three times, the system blocks the user ID and the app's display session timeout.

Therefore, Customers must visit the branch to reset PINs and unlock locked users.

The term "quick transfer" refers to transfers made between self-accounts only; it does not refer to transfers made to other Nib International bank accounts or other bank accounts.

Mobile and internet banking, and Corporate Internet Banking daily transaction limit is 100,000 and 500,000Birr respectively.  

PNR is the abbreviation of "passenger name record," and it is a digital certificate allowing passengers to do online check-in or manage their bookings in a short time. Order ID, or the Order Reference Number (ORN), is the unique numeric identifier that is generated when you place an order on our Ethiopian Airlines website or Guzo GO.