Mobile banking is a service that enables customers to access and manage their accounts 24/7 through their mobile phones.

Major functions and services provided by NIB MOCASH:

Account Inquiry

  • General Information regarding your account.
  • Can have mini Bank Statement (latest five transactions).

Own & Other Fund Transfer

  • Self-Fund Transfer – it can allow you to transfer funds between your own accounts
  • Other Fund Transfer – it can allow you to transfer funds to other customers’ accounts within our Bank & non-account holders.

Local Money Transferit allows you to send money to walk–in customers.

Beneficiary Paymentit allows you to transfer to the registered account number (Beneficiary).


  • Can stop cheque payment.
  • Can request checkbook.
  • Can view cheque status.

Call *865# to enjoy NIB mobile banking service. For more information please visit the nearby NIB Branches.