Internet Banking
Internet Banking
1Abinet BranchBranchA.A. City, around Molla Maru, Jos Hansson  Building.
2Abune Petros BranchBranchA.A city, piaza area
3Adama BranchBranchAdama town
4Adama Menaheria BranchBranchAdama town
5Addisu Gebeya BranchBranchA.A city, Addisu gebeya area
6Addisu Michael BranchBranchA.A city, Mesalemiya area
7Adea Bishoftu BranchBranchBishoftu Town
8Afetessa BranchBranchDiredawa Town
9Africa Avenue BranchBranchA.A. Bole area, in front of Novis Super Market, Japan Embassy Road.
10Akaki Total BranchBranchA.A. city akaki area
11Alem Bank BranchBranchA.A. City,  Alem Bank adebabay area.
12Alem Gena BranchBranchAlemgena area
13Arada BranchBranchA.A. City, Piassa area, in front of Empire Cinema.
14Arat killo premium branch 1BranchA.A. City, 4 kilo area, in front of brhan and selam printing interprise
15Arat Killo premium Branch 2BranchA.A city, Arat kilo area
16Arsi Negele BranchBranchArsi Negele Town
17Asfaw Wossen BranchBranchA.A city, Merkato area
18Asko BranchBranchA.A. City, Burayu Taxi Tera area, Aklilu Agew Building.
19Assela BranchBranchAssela town
20Axum BranchBranchAxum town
21Ayer Tena BranchBranchA.A. City, near to Ayer Tena Adebabay.
22Ayiteyef Branch BranchDessie town
23Balcha Abanefso BranchBranchA.A ctiy, Mexico area
24Batu BranchBranchBatu town
25Beklobet BranchBranchA.A. city beklobet branch
26Beshale BranchBranchA.A. city, Beshale area
27Bethel BranchBranchA.A. City, Bethel area, near shoa bakery.
28Bishoftu BranchBranchBishoftu Town
29Bisrate Gebreal BranchBranchA.A. City, Bisrate Gebreal Church area, Lafto Mall.
30Bole 24 BranchBranchA.A city, bole shala area
31Bole Atlas BranchBranchA.A city, Atlas hotel area
32Bole BranchBranchA.A. City, Bole area, DH Geda Tower.
33Bole Medhanealem BranchBranchA.A. City, Bole Medhanealem Church area, in front of Sheger Building (Haimi Apartment Hotel Building).
34Bole Michael BranchBranchA.A. City, in front of Bole Michael adebabay.
35Bole shalla BranchBranchA.A city, Shala menafesha area
36Bole Stadium BranchBranchA.A city, New stadium area
37Burajira BranchBranchButajira city
38Cathedral BranchBranchA.A. City, at Cathedral School Building.
39Churchill BranchBranchA.A. City, Churchill road, Tewodros Adebabay area
40CMC BranchBranchA.A. City, CMC area, near to Michael Church.
41D'Afrique BranchBranchA.A city. Mexico area
42Darmar BranchBranchA.A city, Lideta condominum area
43Debrebirhan BranchBranchDebrebirhan town
44Debremarkos BranchBranchDebremarkos town
45Dessie BranchBranchDessie town
46Dilla BranchBranchDilla Town
47Diredawa BranchBranchDiredawa Town
48Dukem BranchBranchDukem Town
49Ehil Berenda BranchBranchA.A city, Merkato area
50Emdibir BranchBranchEmdibir Town
51Enkulal Fabrica BranchBranchA.A city, enqulal fabrica area
52Ferensay Legassion BranchBranchA.A city, ferensay legassion area
53Finote Selam BranchBranchFinoteselam town
54Fitsum Belay HotelBranchA.A City, Megenagna Derartu Building
55Furi BranchBranchA.A. city furi area
56Geja Sefer BranchBranchA.A city, Lideta condominum area
57Gerji BranchBranchA.A city, Gerji area
58Gofa BranchBranchA.A city, Gofa gebreil area
59Gofa Gebriel BranchBranchA.A city, Gofa area
60Goffa Mazoria BranchBranchA.A. City, Goffa Mazoria Down Town Cafeteria area, Sofia Mall.
61Gonder BranchBranchGonder Town
62Gonder Maraki BranchBranchGonder Town
63Gotera BranchBranchA.A. City, Gotera area adjacent to Agona Cinema ,  Balaker Building.
64Gotera Ibex BranchBranchA.A. city, near Gotera area
65Gubre BranchBranchGubre town
66H/Giorgis BranchBranchA.A. City, H/Giorgis area, Tefera City Center Building.
67Halaba Kulitiu BranchBranchHalaba kulitu town
68Harrar BranchBranchHarrar town
69Hawassa Atote BranchBranchhawassa Town
70Hawassa BranchBranchSNNPR, Hawassa area
71Hawassa Warka BranchBranchhawassa Town
72Hawwassa BranchBranchhawassa Town
73Hayat Mall BranchBranchA.A city, ayat area
74Hossaena Gombora BranchBranchHossaena town
75Hossana BranchBranchHossaena town
76ILRI BranchBranchA.A. City, Gurd Shola area, at the campus of International Livestock Research Institute.
77Imperial Sport Acadamay BranchBranchA.A city, New stadium area
78Jacros BranchBranchA.A city, Jacros area
79Janmeda BranchBranchA.A city, Janmeda area
80Jemo BranchBranchA.A city, Jemo area
81JiJiga BranchBranchJijiga town
82Jijiga Shebele BranchBranchJijiga town
83Jimma BrachBranchOromiya, Jimma area
84Kality BranchBranchA.A. city, kality area
85Kality Menaheria BranchBranchA.A city, menaheriya area
86KaraKore BranchBranchA.A city, kara kore area
87Kezira Main BranchBranchDiredawa Town
88Kolfe Efoyta BranchBranchA.A. City,  Kolfe Efoyta Gebeya area.
89Kolfe Noc BranchBranchA.A city, kolfe area
90Kombolocha BranchBranchKombolcha area
91Kotebe BranchBranchA.A city, Kotebe area
92Lafto BranchBranchA.A city, lafto area
93Lakomelza BranchBranchDessie town
94Lambert BranchBranchA.A. City, Lambert area, in front of  country wide transportation station.
95Lebu BranchBranchA.A. city, lebu area
96Lideta BranchBranchA.A city Lideta area
97Main BranchBranchA.A. City, Africa Avenue Road, inside Dembel City Center.
98Megenagna BranchBranchA.A. City, Megenagna Tamegas Building, in front of Zefemshe Mall.
99Mehal Summit BranchBranchA.A. city, summit/safari area
100Mehal Arada Adama BranchBranchAdama town
101Mekanissa Michael BranchBranchA.A city, Jemo area
102Mekele BranchBranchTigarayi, Mekele area
103Meri Louqui BranchBranchA.A city Meri area
104Meskel Flower BranchBranchA.A. City, Meskel Flower Road area
105Messebo BranchBranchMekele city
106Mizan Aman BranchBranchSNNPR, Mizan teferi
107Modjo BranchBranchModjo town
108Nefas Silk BranchBranchA.A. City, Nefas Silk Keleme Factory area, Tekila Trading Building.
109Nekemit BranchBranchNekemit town
110Nib Premium BranchBranchA.A city ,sengatera area
111Peacock BranchBranchA.A. City, in front of Bole Printers, Yeshi Building.
112Raguel BranchBranchA.A city, Merkato area
113Ras BranchBranchA.A. City, in front of Ras Hotel.
114Rufael BranchBranchA.A city, rufael area
115Saris Abo BranchBranchA.A city, Saris Abo area
116Saris Addisu Sefer BranchBranchA.A city, Saris Addisu Sefer area
117Saris BranchBranchA.A. City, Saris area, in front of Ries Engineering.
118Sebeta BranchBranchSebeta town
119Sefereselam BranchBranchA.A. city, sefereselam area
120Sengatera BranchBranchA.A city, sengatera area
121Shashemene BranchBranchShashemene Town
122Sheger Menafesha BranchBranchA.A city, Sheger menafesha
123Shire BranchBranchShire town
124Shola BranchBranchA.A City, around shola area, Megenagna Building, near Lem Hotel.
125Sidist Kilo BranchBranchA.A city, Sidist Kilo area
126Sululta BranchBranchSululta Town
127T/Haimanot BranchBranchA.A city, Mekrkato area
128Tana BranchBranchA.A. City, Merkato area, Tana Business Center Building.
129Temenja yaz BranchBranchA.A City, arround beklobet
130Torhayloch BranchBranchA.A. City,  Torhayloch shoa supermarket area.
131Urael BranchBranchA.A city urael area
132Vatican BranchBranchA.A city, sarbet area
133W/Sodo BranchBranchWolayita sodo city
134Wechecha BranchBranchwechecha area
135Weha Limat BranchBranchA.A city, 22 mazoriya area
136welosefer BranchBranchA.A city, welosefer area
137Woldiya BranchBranchWoldiya town
138Woliso BranchBranchWoliso town
139Wukro BranchBranchWekro town
140Yejoka BranchBranchWelkite Town
141Yeka BranchBranchA.A city British Embassy area
142Yekake Werdot BranchBranchA.A city, Merkato area
143Yerer Ber BranchBranchA.A. City, Yerer Ber area, Angels Tower.
144Yerer Goro BranchBranchA.A city, Yerer area
145Yirgalem BranchBranchYirgalem town
146Zebidar BranchBranchButajira town
147Zequalla bishoftu BranchBranchBishoftu Town