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Segev marom
I came to Nib bank main Forex office in Addis before a flight, on Tuesday 4.5.21. Apperently they moved their office to the new building- but it wasn't wrriten anywhere. When I got to the new office (something that waste a lot of time) they told me that there is no any money in the treasury, and to come back the day before the flight on the morning. Today (6.5.21) on the morning I came back and again they are saying that there is no money and they don't know when it will come. The girl in the forex branch took my documents and my passport to prepare the papers and 3 minutes later locked them and went for a meeting to let me wait outside without any explanation or letting me know how long it will take when I have myself work & meetings. I worked before in a lot of banks in the world and I've never seen such a bad service, non-organization & behaivior of the workers. For sure after this experience I will not reccomend for anyone I know as investor or private to work with Nib.

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