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Yohannes Fekade /Fantu Bikila
Greetings, Tena yestilgn! I would like to request a legal advice and we would like to check the integrity of Mehal Gebey merkato branch manager Mr.Neseru Seman, for the past two month I was in a process of buying a house with diaspora mortgage loan with CBE from Nib bank former employee who has a loan with the same banks branch. In the process we even get a formal letter dated 02/06/2013 E.C from the same branch to the loan center quoted below. Once we have finalize all the prior process, CBE wrote a guarantee letter to Nib bank to advance for the final stage, however the manager disregarded & disgraced the letter and he don’t went even to help us in a certain way, and he related this as he will lose his chair. All the process stuck there, he is not even willing to replay back to CBE. Having said that I am requesting a legal advice. If this loan buyout will work and to coordinate with the higher management if possible to give me a solution. As I recall and what I know A Buyout loan is a facility provided by banks and financial institutions, where a loan is provided to a consumer having an existing loan with a bank or a financial institution to settle the previous loan. In this case Nib bank is going to deal with the most reputable bank in the country and this doesn’t make sense for me at all. With kind regards, Yohannes Fekade, >>>>>>>> “ ለኢትዪጲያ ንግድ ባንክ ለሰሜን አዲስ የብድር ማዕከል ጉዳዪ፡ የአቶ አብዱራህማን ጀማል ብድርን ይመለከታል በርዕሱ ለምጥቀስ እንደተሞከለው አቶ አብዱራህማን ጀማል የባንካችን ሰራተኛ በነበረበት ወቅት ለሰራተኞች የቤት መስሪያ ብድር ወስደው በኦሮሚያ ክልል ቡራዪ ከተማ ቀበሌ መልካ ገፈርሳ ኖኖ የቤት ቁጥር አዲስ በመያዣነት ባንካችን እንደያዘው ኦሪጅናል ካርታ ቁጥር Bur/9404/2002 ፕላን እኛ ጋር እንዳለ እያሳወቅን በ 8/02/2021 እ.ኤ.አ ያለባችው የብድር መጠን 843,521.85(ስምንት መቶ አርባ ሶስት ሺ አምስት መቶ ሀያ አንድ ሺ ብር ከ 85/100) መሆኑን እያሳወቅን ለሚደረግላቸው ትብብር ምስጋናችን የላቀ ነው፡፡ ነስሩ ሰማን “

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