1991 can be considered as the landmark for the beginning of the new era in Ethiopian private financial sector. The change in Government followed by the revitalization of private banks. After the state officially declares or pave the way to establish private banks in Ethiopia in one way or other those banks considerably influenced the entire state economy. Nib International Bank is among the banks that brought a superb impact for both private and public sector. Since its inception till this period, NIB is the leading actor in the banking industry.

Serving our customers in a very peculiar way and “customer- first” is our guiding principle. Anchor-investors, emerging capitalist, students and NGO’s are some of our prominent customers. NIB by harnessing investment of construction, agro-industry, hospitality industry and different manufacturing company our bank thoroughly influenced investments in Ethiopia. The repercussions of NIB’s financed projects are quite visible both in Addis Ababa and outside of Addis. Regarding curbing the state level unemployment, NIB keenly engaged for the last 18 years beyond that continues staff empowerment is our corporate defying-feature.

 It is recognized that saving culture is crucial for the economic betterment of a certain society. In this regard, NIB introduced more than seven extraordinary saving deposits with different privileges and we are trying to plant and cultivate the saving culture in our society. NIB constantly looking for the advancement of our banking service, as a result, we are providing high- tech banking services instead conventional ones.  All in all, we are proud to reveal NIB’s impact on multifarious business activities; our footprint or impact is everywhere in any developmental endeavors.