ATM Location in City Area
No.BranchATM Location
122 Mazoria At the branch, 22 Mazoria area, at the back of Golagol Business Center Building.
2Abinet At the branch, Around Molla Maru, Jos Hansson Building.
3Addisu GebeyaAt the branch, Addisu Gebeya area, Around Ajip Taxi Tera.
4Addisu Michael At the branch, Addisu Michael area, Adjucent to Michael Church.
5Africa Avenue At the branch, Bole area, In front of Novis Super Market, Japan Embassy Road.
6Alem Bank At the branch, Alem Bank adebabay area.
7Arada At the branch, Piassa area, in front of Empire Cinema.
8Arat KilloAt the branch, Arat Killo area, Adjucent to Total Gas Station.
9Asfaw WesenAt the branch, Merkato area.
10Asko At the branch, Burayu Taxi Tera area, Aklilu Agew Building.
11Ayer TenaAt the branch, Near to Ayer Tena Adebabay.
12B/Gabreal At the branch, Bisrate Gabreal Church area, Lafto Mall.
13Balcha AbanefsoAt the branch, Mexico area, Around Tegibared Technical school, Alsam Chelelek Building.
14BeklobetAt the branch, Beklobet area,in front of Tele Garaje, Omedad Building.
15Beshale At the branch, Beshale area, Beside to Salite Mihret Church
16Bethel At the branch, Bethel area, near shoa bakery.
17Bole At the branch, Bole area, DH Geda Tower.
18Bole 24 At the branch, Bole area, In front of Kokeb Building.
19Bole AtlasAt the branch, Around Atlas area, In front of Club H 2 O.
20Bole Medhanealem At the branch, Bole Medhanealem Church area, in front of Sheger Building.
21Bole Michael At the branch, In front of Bole Michael adebabay.
22Bole ShallaAt the branch, Bole area, Around Shalla Recreation Center.
23Bole StadiumAt the branch, Bole area, Around Adeyi Abeba New National Stadium.
24Cathedral At the branch, On Cathedral School Building.
25CMC At the branch, CMC area, near to Michael Church.
26D’afrique At the branch, At D’afrique Hotel Building.
27DarmarAt the branch, Lideta Condominium, In front of Lideta Menafesha.
28Enkulal FabricaAt the branch, Enkulal Fabrica area.
29Ferensay Legasion At the branch, Ferensay Legasion area.
30GejaseferAt the branch, Lideta Condominium Gejasefer area.
31Gerji At the branch, Around Gerji Taxi Tera area,
32Goffa Mazoria At the branch, Goffa Mazoria inside Sofia Mall Building.
33Gotera At the branch, Gotera area, Adjacent to Agona Cinema , Balaker Building.
34Gotera Ibex At the branch, Wollo Sefer area, Adjacent to Addis Ababa Bible Collage.
35Gurd Sholla At the branch, Gurd Sholla area, Around Elfora.
36H/Giorgis At the branch, H/Giorgis area, Tefera City Center Building.
37ILRI At the branch, Gurd Shola area at the campus of International Livestock Research Institute.
38Imperial Sport AcademyAt the branch, Bole area, Near to National Sport Academy.
39Jemo At the branch, Jemo area, In front of Saba Building.
40KalityAt the branch, Kality area, Around Ale Bejimila
41Kality MenahariaAt the branch, Kality area, Adjecent to Bridgston tyre, Around Kality Bus Station
42Kara kore At the branch, Kara kore area.
43Kolfe At the branch, Kolfe area, In front of Kolfe 18 Mazoria.
44Kolfe Efoyta At the branch, Kolfe Efoyta Gebeya area, Around kolfe book store
45Kotebe At the branch, Kotebe area, Around Kotebe 02
46Lafto At the branch, Lafto area.
47Lambert At the branch, Lambert area, In front of country wide transportation station.
48Lebu At the branch, Lebu area, In front of Safe Way SuperMarket.
49LidetaAt the branch, Lideta area, Lideta Church.
50Main At the branch, Africa Avenue Road, inside Dembel City Center.
51Megenagna At the branch, In front of Zefemshe Mall, Megenagna Tamegas Building.
52Mehal Summit At the branch, Mehal Summit area.
53Nefas Silk At the branch, Nefas Silk Keleme Factory area, Tekila Trading Building.
54Peacock At the branch, In front of Bole Printers, Yeshi Building.
55Raguel At the branch, Merkato area, In front of Raguel Church, Addis Ababa Market center.
56Ras At the branch, In front of Ras Hotel, Around National Theatre.
57Rufael At the branch, Rufael area, In front of Rufael Church.
58Saris At the branch, Saris area, in front of Ries Engineering.
59Sefere SelamAt the branch, Sefere Selam area, Dejazmach Building.
60Senga TeraAt the branch, Senga Tera area, In front of Yobek Building.
61Sheger Menafesha At the branch, In front of Sheger Menafesha.
62Shola At the branch, Around shola area, Megenagna Building, near Lem Hotel.
63T/Haimanot At the branch, Around Tekle Haimanot Church, Leyila Building.
64Tana At the branch, Merkato area, Tana Business Center Building.
65Tigat At the branch, In front of Ethiopian Patent Right Agency.
66Torhayloch At the branch, Torhayloch Shoa Supermarket area.
67Urael At the branch, Bambis area, Near to Deopol Hotel.
68Vatican At the branch, Vatican area, In front of Vatican Embassy.
69Wollo SeferAt the branch, Around Wollo Sefer Taxi Tera area.
70Wuha LimatAt the branch, Wuha Limat area, Hackomal Building.
71Yekake WordwotAt the branch, Merkato area,Yediget Meselal Building.
72Yerer Ber At the branch, Yerer Ber area, Angels Tower.
73Yerer Goro At the branch, Yerer Goro area.