Ato Genene Ruga

Ato Leulseged Negussie
V/P Strategy and Transformation

Ato kedir Bedewi
V/P Customers and Channels

Ato Melkamu Solomon
V/P Resources & Facilities

Ato Seifu Agenda
V/P Banking Operations

Assefa Yeshanew
V/P Information System

Ato Solomon Goshime
Chief Advisor to the President

Ato Michael Adbib
Director, Planning and Monitoring Department

Ato Abreham Tesfaye
Director, Projects and Transformation Department

Ato Tewodros Haile
Director,Learning and Development Department

Ato Getachew Tadesse
Director,Marketing and Business Development Department

Ato Abdulkadir Wolela
Director,Electronic Channels Department

Ato Shiferaw Argaw
Director,Retail and SME Banking Department

Ato Tewoderos Nigussie
Director,Corporate Banking Department

Ato Erstu Kemal
Director,Interest Free Banking Department

Ato Mulugeta Dilnesaw
Director,Facility and Maintenance Department

Ato Assefa Jeza
Director,H.R Management Department

Ato Wondayehu Tesfaye
Director,Supply Chain and Property Management Department

W/o Eden Haddis
Director,Treasury Department

Ato Selam Dershaye
Director,Finance and Accounts Department

Ato Alemu Semaye
Director, Credit Appraisal

Ato Amine Tadesse
Director,Trade Finance

Ato Zelalem Solomon
Director, Business Systems Department

Ato Mesfin Sisay
Director, Infrastructure and IT Support Department

Ato Beyene Alemu
Director,Legal Services Department

Ato Sirak Yifru
Director,Risk & Compliance Management Department

Director, Internal Audit Department

Ato Osman Ali Siraj
Executive Assistant to the President