Required Documents for all Applicants

  • Application Letter
  • Renewed Trade License
  • Tax Identification Numbers (TIN)
  • Recent Tax Clearances
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (if PLC, S.C. etc)
  • Audited Financial Statement
  • Ownership Documents such as Land Holding Certificate, Ownership Booklet, etc
  • Marriage Certificate of Borrowers and Mortgagors

Specific Requirements for Exporters

  • Export plan by type and quantity
  • Export sales contract (Bona-fide order from foreign buyer)
  • Past export performance condition of warehouse and processing plant

Specific Requirements for Importers

  • Past import performance
  • Pro-forma invoices
  • Approved purchase order (if any)
  • Letter of credit opened
  • Marketability of the goods to be imported

Specific Requirements for Manufacturer

  • Full description of installed machine including country of origin, year of manufacture, status and etc
  • Production capacity
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Availability of raw material
  • Raw materials consumption (Local and foreign)
  • Marketability of the goods to be manufactured and sale outlet

Specific Requirements for Project Financing

  • Comprehensive feasibility study
  • Bill of Quantity
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Approved construction plan
  • Lease agreement and receipt of lease amount paid
  • Project implementation schedule
  • Agreement with contractors, manufacturer or supplier