POS Location in City Area
No.City AreaPOS Location
1AbakoranA.A, At the branch, Around Chew Berenda
2Addis ketemaA.A, At the branch, Dire Tower, Around Sebategna.
3Addisu GebeyaA.A, At the branch, Addisu Gebeya area, Around Ajip Taxi Tera
4Addisu MichaelA.A, At the branch, Addisu Michael area, Adjucent to Michael Church.
5Africa Avenue A.A, At the branch, Bole area, in front of Novis Super Market, Japan Embassy Road.
6Arat KilloA.A, At the branch, Arat Killo area, Adjucent to Total Gas Station
7AskoA.A, At the branch, Burayu Taxi Tera area, Aklilu Agew Building.
8Balcha Abanefso A.A, At the branch, Mexico area, Around Tegibared Technical school, Alsam Chelelek Building
9Bekelobet areaA.A, At Bekelobet NOC, Around Global Hotel
10Bisrate GebrielA.A, At TS General Trading
11BoleA.A, At Robel Kelati Hair Supplier
12BoleA.A, At Boston Partners P.L.C.
13BoleA.A, At SIMA Trading P.L.C. around Bole Airport
14BoleA.A, At H&M Furniture, Around Ruwanda Embassy
15BoleA.A, At International Cardiovascular Medical Center (ICMC ), Snap Plaza, Next to The Millennium Hall.
16Bole A.A, At Southern Addis Hotel
17Bole 24A.A, At the branch, Bole area, In front of Kokeb Building.
18Bole BrasA.A, At Foyat Hotel
19Bole BrassA.A, At the branch, In front of ODA Building
20Bole EniredadaA.A, At Best Travel & Tours P.L.C
21Bole EniredadaA.A, At the branch, Desalegn Hotel
22Bole Medhanealem A.A, At Haimi Apartment Hotel
23Bole Medhanealem A.A, At WEGGA Medical Service P.L.C.
24Bole Medhanealem A.A, At Venetion Hotel Apartment
25Bole Medhanealem A.A, At Saro-Maria Hotel
26Bole MedhanialemA.A, At Washington Hotel
27Bole MedhanialemA.A, At Sidama INN Hotel, Around Atlas Hotel
28Bole MedhanialemA.A, At Sidama Lodge, Around EU office
29Bole MedhanialemA.A, At Desalegn Hotel, In front of EU office
30Bole MedhanialemA.A, At WOW Prime Shop, Next to Bole Medhanialem Church
31Bole MedhanialemA.A, At the branch, Bole Medhanealem Church area, in front of Sheger Building.
32Bole MichaelA.A, At the branch, In front of Bole Michael adebabay.
33CMCA.A, At Safe Way SuperMarket
34CMCA.A, At the branch, CMC area, near to Michael Church.
35CMC adebabay areaA.A, At International Cardiovasual Hospital
36D'afriqueA.A, At the branch, At D’afrique Hotel
37Demble City CenterA.A, At Vine Bar & Restaurant, Inside Demble City Center
38Demble City CenterA.A, At Dabi Original Brand Boutique, Inside Demble City Center
39Demble City CenterA.A, At John Boutique, Inside Demble City Center
40Ehil BerendaA.A, At the branch, Around Mesalemia, Amanuel Tsega Market Center
41Enqulal FabricaA.A, At the branch, Enkulal Fabrica area.
42Ferensay LegasionA.A, At the branch, Ferensay Legasion area.
43GerjiA.A, At Totot Traditional Restaurant
44GoteraA.A, At the branch, Gotera area, adjacent to Agona Cinema, Balaker Building.
45Gurd SholaA.A, At International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)
46Kara koreA.A, At the branch, Kara kore area
47Kasanchis A.A, At Elmi Tour P.L.C.
48KazanchisA.A, At the branch, Near to Intercontinental Hotel.
49Kirkos A.A, At the branch, Kirkos Church building
50LamberetA.A, At Pacfic Hotel, Near Lesotho Embassy Residence, Behind Africa Printing PLC
51LamberetA.A, At the branch, Lambert area, in front of country wide transportation station.
52Lamberet A.A, At Gentel Hotel
53LebuA.A, At Safe Way SuperMarket, In front of Lebu branch
54LidetaA.A, At Kerevat Cafe & restaurant
55Mamo KachaA.A, At the branch, Around Genet Hotel.
56MegenagnaA.A, At the branch, In front of Zefemshe Mall, Megenagna Tamegas Building.
57Mehal MerkatoA.A, At the branch, Around Mirab Hotel, Jabulani Building.
58Mehal SummitA.A, At the branch, Mehal Summit area
59Mesekel Flower A.A, At Adot Tina Hotel
60Pastor adebabay A.A, At Zewdu Gudeta Pastor NOC Service
61Raguel A.A, At the branch, Merkato, In front of Raguel Church, Addis Ababa Market center
62RasA.A, At the branch, In front of Ras Hotel.
63SarisA.A, At Nega Bonger Hotel, Saris area
64SarisA.A, At the branch, Saris area, in front of Ries Engineering.
65SholaA.A, At the branch, Around shola area, Megenagna Building, near Lem Hotel.
66T/AdebabayA.A, At the branch, Haron Tower, In front of Firdu Commercial (Eliana).
67T/Haimanot A.A, At the branch, Around Tekle Haimanot Church, Leyila Building
68TanaA.A, At the branch, Merkato area, Tana Business Center Building.
69Tatari A.A, At the branch, Merkato (Amede Gebeya)
70Tigat A.A, At the branch, In front of Ethiopian patent right agency
71Tikur AnbesaA.A, At the branch, In front of Tikur Anbesa School, Tracone Building.
72TiretA.A, At the branch, Around 4th Police station
73Urael A.A, At the branch, Bambis area, Near to Deopol Hotel
74Urael A.A, At De Leopol Hotel, Around Bamebis area
75Yerer BerA.A, At the branch, Yerer Ber area, Angels Tower.