Loan for Industry

Loan for Industry or Manufacturing Manufacturing loans and advances are extended for customers engaged in production of goods. The credit facilities are advanced for financing of working capital (i.e. purchase of raw materials, basic and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, intermediate goods, work in progress, labour and etc.) for purchase of machinery and equipment, construction of […]

Loan for Domestic Trad & Service

Loan For Domestic Trade and Service The Domestic trade and services is a generic name given for those economic activities engaged in the distribution of agriculture products, locally manufactured and imported goods as well as services to the end user. The primary function of the domestic trade and service is to bridge the gap between […]

Loan For Import & Export

Loan For Import and Export Loan For Import  Import loans and advances are facilities availed to assist working capital requirements for import business, like food items, building materials, machinery and transport, textile and clothing, electronics, household, Office furniture etc. Loan For Export Export loans and advances are credit facilities extended to exporters for purchase of exportable […]

Loan for Building & Construction

Loan for Building and Construction The building and construction loans and advances are extended to customers engaged in the construction, maintenance and renovation of residential, commercial buildings or industrial, road, dam and other constructions.

Loan for Agriculture

Loan For Agriculture Agricultural loans and advances are extended to customers involved in agricultural activities for purchase of agricultural machines, land excavation, irrigation, agricultural civil works, agricultural implements, other fixed financing investments and/or working capital.