ATM Location

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No. At Branches Locations
1. Main Branch A.A. City, Africa Avenue Road, inside Dembel City Center.
2. Ras Branch A.A. City, in front of Ras Hotel.
3. Shola Branch A.A City, around shola area, Megenagna Building, near Lem Hotel.
4. Arada Branch A.A. City, Piassa area, in front of Empire Cinema.
5. Africa Avenue Branch A.A. Bole area, in front of Novis Super Market, Japan Embassy Road.
6. Bole Medhanealem Branch A.A. City, Bole Medhanealem Church area, in front of Sheger Building (Haimi Apartment Hotel Building).
7. Abinet Branch A.A. City, around Molla Maru, Jos Hansson  Building.
8. Nefas Silk Branch A.A. City, Nefas Silk Keleme Factory area, Tekila Trading Building.
9. Gotera Branch A.A. City, Gotera area adjacent to Agona Cinema ,  Balaker Building.
10. H/Giorgis Branch A.A. City, H/Giorgis area, Tefera City Center Building.
11. Yerer Ber Branch A.A. City, Yerer Ber area, Angels Tower.
12. Peacock Branch A.A. City, in front of Bole Printers, Yeshi Building.
13. Tana Branch A.A. City, Merkato area, Tana Business Center Building.
14. BisrateGebreal Branch A.A. City, Bisrate Gebreal Church area, Lafto Mall.
15. Hawassa Branch Hawassa Town, Pissa area, Shenkore Building.
16. Mekele Branch Mekelle Town, Kidamay Weyane market area.
17. Cathedral Branch A.A. City, at Cathedral School Building.
18. Bole Michael Branch A.A. City, in front of Bole Michael adebabay.
19. Goffa Mazoria Branch A.A. City, Goffa Mazoria Down Town Cafeteria area, Sofia Mall.
20. Adama Branch Adama Town,Hawas Building.
21. Mehal Arada Adama Branch Adama Town, Arada area.
22. CMC Branch A.A. City, CMC area, near to Michael Church.
23. Bethel Branch A.A. City, Bethel area, near shoa bakery.
24. Asko Branch A.A. City, Burayu Taxi Tera area, Aklilu Agew Building.
25. Ayer Tena Branch A.A. City, near to Ayer Tena Adebabay.
26. Bishoftu Branch Bishoftu Town, Tinekir Hotel Building, in front of bus station.
27. Kolfe Efoyta Branch A.A. City,  Kolfe Efoyta Gebeya area.
28. Bole Branch A.A. City, Bole area, DH Geda Tower.
29. Hossana Branch Hossana Town, Colonel Bezabeh petros   adebabay area.
30. Dilla Branch Dilla Town, inside Delight Hotel building.
31. Yejoka Branch Wolkite Town.
32. Gonder Maraki Branch Gonder Town, Maraki area.
33. Bahir Dar Branch Bahir Dar Town, Papyrus Hotel area, Ambay Building.
34. Torhayloch Branch A.A. City,  Torhayloch shoa supermarket area.
35. Lambert Branch A.A. City, Lambert area, in front of  country wide transportation station.
36. ILRI Branch A.A. City, Gurd Shola area, at the campus of International Livestock Research Institute.
37.  Alem Bank Branch A.A. City,  Alem Bank adebabay area.
38. Jijiga Branch Jijiga Town.
39. Saris Branch A.A. City, Saris area, in front of Ries Engineering.
40. Megenagna Branch A.A. City, Megenagna Tamegas Building, in front of Zefemshe Mall.
41. Lebu Branch A.A. city, lebu area
42. Beshale Branch A.A. city, Beshale area
43. Kality Branch A.A. city, kality area
44. Sefereselam Branch A.A. city, sefereselam area
45. Mehal  Semit Branch A.A. city, semit/safari area
46. Gotera Ibex Branch A.A. city, near Gotera area
47. Furi Branch A.A. city, furi area
48. Beklobet Branch A.A. city, beklobet area
49. Wollosefer Branch A.A city, Wollosefer area
50. Kotebe Branch A.A city, Kotebe area
51. Gerji Taxi Tera Branch A.A city, Gerji area
52. Bole 24 Branch A.A city, Lem Hotel area
53. Enqulale Fabrica Branch A.A city, Enqulale Fabrica area
54. D’Afrique Branch A.A city, Hotel D’Afrique area
55. Ureal Branch A.A city,Ureal area
56. T/Haimanot Branch A.A city, T/Haimanot area
57. Rufael Branch A.A city, Rufael church area
58. Ferensay Legasion Branch A.A city, Ferensay Legasion area
59. 22 Mazoria Branch A.A city, 22 Mazoria area
60. Raguel Branch A.A city, Raguel area
61. Kolfe NOC Branch A.A city, Kolfe area
62. Yerer Goro Branch A.A city, Goro area
63. Kara Kore Branch A.A city, Kolfe area
64. Lafto Branch A.A city, Lafto area
65. Alem Gena Branch Oromia, Alem Gena area
66. Wechecha Branch  Oromia, Wechecha area
67. Dessie Branch Amhara, Dessie area
68. DebreBirhan Branch Amhara, DebreBirhan area
69. Addisu Michael Branch A.A city, Addisu Michael Branch
70. Harar Branch Harari area
71. Kality Menaharia Branch Kality Menaharia area
72. Yirgalem Branch SNNPR, Yirgalem area
73. Tigat Branch A.A city, infront of Ureal Church
74. GurdSholla Branch A.A city, Gurd sholla area
75. Butajira Branch Oromia, Butajira area
76. WolitaSodo Branch SNPR, WolitaSodo area
77. Jemo Branch A.A city, Jemo area
78. Asela Branch Oromia, Asela area
79. Nekemit Branch Oromia, Nekemt area
80. Sheger Menafesha Branch A.A city, Sheger Menafesha area
81. Batu Branch Oromia, Batu area
82. Vatican Branch A.A city, Vatican Embassy area
83. Modjo Branch Oromia, Modjo area
84. Halaba Kulitu Branch SNNPR, Halaba Kulitu city
85. AsfawWosen Branch A.A city, AsfawWosen area
86. Sebeta Branch Oromia, Sebeta city
87. Woliso Branch Oromia, Woliso city
88. Adama Menaharya Branch Oromia, Adama Menaharya area
89. Dukem Branch Oromia, Dukem city
90. AdaBishoftu Branch Oromia, Bishoftu city
91. BalichaAbanefso Branch A.A city, BalichaAbanefeso area
92. Zebidar Branch SNNPR, Butajira city
93. Gubre Branch SNNPR, Wolkite city
94. Kombolcha Branch Amhara, kombolocha area
95. Sululita Branch Oromia, Sululita area
96. Arsi Negele Branch Oromia, Arsi Negele area
97. Lideta Branch A.A city, Lideta Church area
98. Mekelle, Mesebo branch Mekelle city
99. Arat Killo branch A.A city, Arat kilo area
100. Dessie Ayteyef Branch Dessie city
101. Bole Stadium Branch A.A city, Edina mall to 22 mazoria road area
102. Wuhalimat Branch A.A city, wuhalimat area
103. Yekaki wordot Branch A.A city, Merkato area
104. Bole Atlas Branch A.A city, Atlas area
105. Bole Shalla Branch A.A city, Bole area
106. Diredawa Branch Diredawa city
107. Areb Sefer Branch Hawassa city
108. Sengatera Branch A.A city, Sengatera area
109. Hafet-issa Branch Dire dawa city
110. Shashmene Branch Shashemene city
111. Hawassa Warka Branch Hawassa city
112. Geja Sefer Branch A.A city, Geja sefer area
113. Shire Branch Shire city
114. Emperial Sport Academy Branch A.A city, Emperial Hotel area
115. Jigjiga Shebele Branch Jigjiga city
116. Hawassa Atote Branch Hawassa city
117. Axum Branch Tigrayi City
118. Wikro Branch Tigrayi City
119. Darmar Branch A.A city, Lideta area
120. Woldia Branch Woldia City
121. Addisu Gebeya Branch A.A city, Addisu Gebeya area
122. Lakomelza Branch Dessie City
123. Mekanisa Michael Branch A.A city, Jemo Michael area
124. DebreMarkos Branch Debremarkos City
125. Finote Selam Branch Finote Selam City
126. Meri Luoqi Branch A.A city, Meri area
127. Ayat Mall Branch A.A city, CMC square

No. AT Hotels/Malls & other places Locations
128. Intercontinental Hotel A.A. City,   Kazanchis area.
129. Desalegn Hotel A.A. City, in front of European Union.
130. Beer Garden Hotel A.A. City,  Behind Edna Mall.
131. Jimma University Jimma Town.
132. San Building A.A. City,  Bisrate Gebreal Church area
133. Ahmed Commercial Center A.A. City, Behind Dej. Balcha Hospital
134. Central Hawassa Hotel Hawassa Town, Arab sefer area
135. DJ Vision Real Estate A.A. City, Meskel Flower Road next to Dream liner Hotel
136. Gonder Landmark Hotel Gonder Town, Beleko area
137. Jantekel Hotel Gonder Town, maraki area
138. Dil Betegil Commercial Center A.A. City, in front of Head Quarter of EthioTelecom
139. Planet Hotel Mekele Town, Semahetate obelisk area
140. Jacaranda Hotel Bahir Dar Town, Giorgis area
141. Fitsum Belay Hotel Furi area
142. Abadir Supermarket  A.A. City, 4 kilo area, in front of main entrance of AAU 4Kilo Campus
143. Alliance Market Center Hawassa Town,  Gebreal area
144. Yina Grand Hotel Dukem Town
145. Tourist Hotel Arbaminch Town
146. Abyssinian Plaza A.A. City, Adjacent to  Bole Medhanealem Church
147.  Morning Star Mall A.A. City, at the back of  Edna Mall
148. Churchill International Hotel A.A. City, Churchill road, Tewodros Adebabay area
149. Saro-Maria Hotel A.A. city,   at the back of Edna Mall
150. Salvaz Hotel A.A. City,  around Atlas Hotel
151. Bini International Hotel Bishoftu Town
152. Samrat Hotel Dire Dawa Town
153. Haile Resort Shashemene Shashemene Town
154. Lucy Hotel Arbaminch Town
155. Golf Club Inside Golf Club
156. Yetebaberut Hossana town menaharia area
157. Foyat Hotel A.A city, Bole Deldeyi next to Total Gas station
158. Yordanos Blue Bar & Restaurant Mekele Town