Internet Banking

Personal Internet Banking Services 

Nib International Banking delighted to inform our Customers the Commencement of Internet Banking (IB), which gives 24 hours and anywhere access to your accounts. Our Internet Banking is securely connected to your Bank account information through your internet enabled computer or other devices.

The following are the major functions and services provided by our Internet Banking (IB):

Message: This functionality enables you to compose, send and receive message to/from the Bank.

Account: This service enables customers to view their account balances and print 45 days transaction. It also enables you to create, view or delete a payment schedule for fixed amount and specified period. In addition it also enables to view details of term deposit, loans and advances accounts.

Transfer: This services enables movement of fund between own account or/ and payment to beneficiaries.

  • Own Account Transfer: This service enables you to transfer fund between own accounts.
  • Beneficiary  (Other Accounts you intend to make transfer): This function enables you to create, view and delete beneficiaries.
  • Transfer to Beneficiary: This service enables you to perform payment for existing beneficiaries.
  • Local Money Transfer System (LMTS): This functionality lets you make payment to a walk-in customer even if the recipient does not have account with NIB. The recipient can withdraw from any near by NIB branches by providing the security number.

Cheque: This services enables you manage your cheque which include, view stopped cheque, view cheques which are already presented to the Bank, order stop payment on your lost, destroyed, or stolen cheque….etc. And you can also request fro cheque book by just mentioning the number of leaves you need.

Setting: This functionality enables you to change your PIN any time as and when it is necessary.