NIB’s total number of Branches reached 167

Nib International Bank has expanded its branch network across the country and the number of branches reached 167. Furthermore, in an effort to further expand the network and enhance its accessibility to customers, the Bank has opened 12 additional Branches in Addis Ababa, 7 branches in Oromia Region, 2 branches in SNNP Regional State, 8 branches in Amhara Region and 1 in Somali Region bringing the total number of branches to 167.

The latest 30 branches were opened at Kara Kore, Asfaw Wossen, Sheger Menafesha, Enqulal Fabrika, Bole 24, Vatican, Addisu Michael, Totote, Tikure Anbessa (Tracon Tower), Bole Atlas, Bole Stadium, Wuhalemat, Adaa Bishoftu, Sululta, Mizan, Jimma Menharia, Jimma Abba Jifar, Ghimi, Shone, Bule Hora, Atote 4th branch for Hawassa) and Ayeteyef, Lakomelza, Komobolicha, Woldiya, Deber Mrkos, Dangela, Finote Selam, Woreta and Jijiga Shebele.

All the newly opened branches are integrated with Core Banking System (CBS) of the Bank and providing full-fledged modern banking service.

NIB is planning to open additional new branches which will be operational in the near future to serve the growing demand of our Prominent Customers and further expand its branch network to reach under served areas:-

Addis Ababa Outlying
  • Gerji Meberatehayle,
  • Debre Tabor,
  • Wossen  Grocery area,
  • Injibara,
  • Sidamo Tera,
  • Abay Mado,
  • Mekanissa Michael, and
  • Ambo, 
  • Chechinia – Club H2oarea  
  • Fasiledes,
  • Bahir Dar (2)
  • Axum,
  • Adigirat and
  • Wukuro

The Bank is also providing Interest Free Banking, Internet Banking, and Mobile Banking services among others.

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